Cool Accessories for your VW

Our inventory is low...

As you have noticed, some of our products are sold out. We strive to keep the quality high and the price low. With the higher prices of metal lately, we have not been making as many accessories because the cost has more than doubled on some of our products. The retro/re-issue skate wheels have been scarce as well.
We are working to keep the store stocked as best we can. We will have more trays available soon.
Thank you for understanding. We really appreciate you for shopping at Shorty's Customs.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact Shorty. Text or call (209) 604 2130.

Custom made in the USA. Under dash parcel trays for Type 1 sedan, Type 2 bay window bus and Type 3's. Made of all steel construction with a slip resistant coating.

Retro Rollers... because I used to skate... Skateboard wheel gas pedals. We also make Skate Shift knobs to go with the cool Retro Rollers.

Map Trays for Type 1 sedans, Karmann Ghia, Type 3 and RHD Beetle sedans that fit to the left of your steering column...a great place for keeping small stuff like a cell phone and a wallet...and a map...or some snacks. 

Stay tuned... More cool accessories are in the works!

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For International Shipping:

Due to varying shipping costs for international orders, please contact Shorty for a shipping quote. Thanks! 



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